Woman believes her “soul” departed her body after a near-death experience.


Woman believes her “soul” departed her body after a near-death experience.

A WOMAN who had a near-death experience claims she felt her soul leave her body as she was confronted with a vast, bright life she claims was the hereafter.

Laura was on the verge of death after collapsing, and she now believes she knows the answer to whether there is life after death. Laura reported on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation that she felt her “soul” stolen from her body as she approached death.

Laura was startled to discover her lifeless body on the floor, but she was also confronted with a bright light.

Laura described the shimmering light as a vision of the hereafter where she felt at ease.

This luminous aura felt like “home” to her, and she was determined to get there.

“I felt my spirit leave my body,” Laura claimed. I was suddenly across the room, observing the entire scene.

“I was standing there, staring at the dazzling golden light, pondering whether I should stay on Earth or return Home. I wasn’t in any pain at the time, and I was at ease.

“I was standing in front of the light, about to go Home, when all of a sudden, I was being pulled back into my body.”

Laura awoke immediately, but stated she didn’t want to return because she was “at such peace.”

Researchers, on the other hand, are skeptical that Laura’s encounter is proof of the afterlife.

Near death experience images, according to neuroscientist Christof Koch, president and chief scientist of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, are often indicators that the brain is running out of oxygen or scanning itself for survival tactics.

“I accept the veracity of these profoundly felt experiences,” Dr. Koch wrote in a Scientific American piece. They are as genuine as any other personal experience or impression.

“As a scientist, however, I believe that all of our ideas, memories, precepts, and experiences are inextricably linked to our brain’s basic causal powers rather than any supernatural ones.

“Over the decades, that notion has served science and its handmaiden, technology, extraordinarily well. I see no reason to forsake this assumption unless there is extraordinary, compelling, objective evidence to the contrary.

“Today’s death necessitates irreversible brain function loss. The.”Brinkwire Summary News” occurs when the brain is deprived of blood flow (ischemia) and oxygen (anoxia).


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