Woman, 82, who felt like a “virgin again” after sex with toyboy is overjoyed when he relocates to the United Kingdom.


Woman, 82, who felt like a “virgin again” after sex with toyboy is overjoyed when he relocates to the United Kingdom.

Iris Jones married her 45-year-younger spouse Mohamed Mohamady, and has previously spoken out about her vigorous sex life with her husband before the two were reunited.

An 82-year-old retiree has been reunited with her husband, who is 45 years her younger.

Mohamed Mohamady and Iris Jones have reunited after Mohamed was granted a three-year visa to remain in the UK.

According to the Mirror, the OAP, who has previously spoken openly about her sex life with her spouse, is overjoyed to be back with him after a year away.

Despite the candid confessions about their sex lives, she claims they welcomed him with a cup of tea.

“We didn’t celebrate – we’re simply together, and that’s enough,” Iris explained.

She went on to say: “We had just shared a cup of tea. Mohamed is pleased, but he is unable to express himself at this time. He’s one of those Egyptians that keeps to himself.” Mohamed received his visa on November 3 after passing an English language test, allowing him to stay in the UK for the next three years.

Iris was out shopping when Mohamed called to inform her of the wonderful news.

She recalled as Mohamed wrapped his arm around her and kissed her on the head: “There was a lot of joyful yelling and chanting. While sorting my fruit and veggies in Tesco, I sobbed.

“The apples were soaking with my tears. It was incredible.” Iris took a coach from her home in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, to Heathrow to pick up Mohamed.

Iris said, speaking from her semi-detached bungalow: “There are three buses going there and three buses returning. We were exhausted.” Iris characterized their year apart as “terrible,” because they were only able to communicate via Facebook and phone calls.

After disclosing details of their sex lives to the Sunday Mirror, the couple became renowned.

They met online in an atheist Facebook community and agreed to meet in person.

Iris stated that they grew romantic after only a few hours of meeting, saying: “It was fantastic. I was back to feeling like a virgin. It wasn’t easy, but it was filled with love and romance.

“When my ex-husband and I split 40 years ago, he stated I was cold, but I now know I’m not.”

Engineer Mohamed intends to work in the United Kingdom. Iris stated, “Who knows what the future holds. It depends on how long I can keep going.” That was revealed by Iris, who has two sons, Stephen, 55, and Darren, 54. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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