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Woman, 50, has face reconstructed after falling in bathroom during drinking session

A&E After Dark viewers were left reeling over the injuries sustained by a woman who fell in her bathroom after drinking at home.

The woman, identified only as Kim, 50, was rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary on last night’s episode with a bleeding face after tripping and falling during after consuming four lagers and ‘several Jägerbombs’.

The patient suffered a damaged septum and was left with ‘bone-deep’ gashes across her face. She had a CT scan before undergoing reconstructive surgery at the hands of a highly specialised maxillofacial surgeon. 

Viewers were praised hospital staff for their calmness in dealing with Kim, but added the episode was not for the faint-hearted. They also said they felt for Kim and the pain she must be in. 

One tweeted: ‘Watching that a&e after dark on channel 5! Eee that poor ladies face.’

Another wrote: ‘OMG watching A&E after dark and this poor lady has done some serious damage to her face after a fall.’

A third added: ‘You can literally see the cartilage hanging out of her nose. Grimacing faceFlushed face hopefully Max Fac team will be able to fix her up #Ouch.’

The episode saw lead consultant Fraser Young assembled a full trauma for Kim, who had shockingly severe facial injuries after falling over at home. 

As Dr Young prepped his team he explained: ‘I don’t know if it’s an assault, and RTC (road traffic collision), or a pedestrian I don’t know. We need to make a swift decision as to deliver something for a CT scan. 

Paramedics explained to the team: ‘She has arthritis and vertigo. She has been drinking and had four lagers and a lot of jager bombs, no teeth broken. 

Doctors are concerned there may be internal injuries that only a CT scan will reveal. 

Dr Young explained: ‘When the red phone goes off a lot of things go through your head, often the best port of call is to think what the worst case scenario might be. It’s always a huge surge of adrenaline 

‘When we get a call about a significant facial injury it can be concerning, we have a worry about whether someone’s airway remains open or not, if we lose that  its game over.

He added that after patients fall they need to checked beyond obvious injuries to make sure they aren’t distracting from issues elsewhere in the body. 

‘When someone is intoxicated with alcohol and has a fall or a trauma injury, fairly often there’s an obvious injury and people will be drawn to that, but we do air on the side of caution and perform a CT scan.

‘Facial injuries can be extremely  life changing for patients, especially significant ones. Someone has seen the same face in the mirror for 30, 40, 50 years and they can look in the mirror and see something else and that can be very emotive.’

Nurse Emily Neilson added:  ‘When I see someone with a serious facial injury, it makes me upset because you cant help but thinking what it’s going to be like going for them. The patient doesn’t think a out the future in the moment.

Later, Kim’s husband arrived as her face was being sewn up by a maxillofacial surgeon.

Despite significant trauma and pain, Kim stayed in good spirits, joking: ‘I’ve had half a nose job, I can’t believe I’ve caused this much trouble.’

As the surgeon explained to her that a cut on her forehead is as deep as the bone, she joked ‘I’m getting an eyebrow job while i’m at it’. 

At the end of the episode, viewers were shown Kim’s face as it was revealed she had her stitches out and is recovering well.

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