Woman, 41, ‘told traffic cop: ‘I don’t think so!’ and drove off’

A New Mexico woman is facing charges after police say she fled an officer during a traffic stop and told him, ‘I don’t think so!’ when the officer showed her his badge.

Doña County court documents show Ricci Barnett was arrested April 21 following the exchange.

According to court documents, an officer tried to pull over the 41-year-old Barnett for driving the wrong way on a one-way street in Las Cruces, but she refused to stop. 

According to court documents, an officer witnessed Barnett failing to stop as she left a driveway. The officer said he attempted to conduct a traffic stop at an intersection, but Barnett didn’t pull over. 

The documents say the officer eventually made contact with Barnett as she stopped at a red light.

Court documents state the patrol officer shined his flashlight on his badge after Barnett asked for identification.

After he showed Barnett his badge, court documents say she responded saying, ‘I don’t think so!’ and drove off.

The patrol officer said he witnessed Barnett run a red light and then ended up driving the wrong way down a one-way street, managing to evade officers, until she ‘pushed her car up against another police cruiser’. 

Charging documents allege Barnett then got out of her vehicle, which began to roll away, as she approached the second officer’s driver’s side door yelling at the cops. 

Documents state Barnett continued walking quickly toward the first officer, shouting at him in a manner that made him think she was going to assault him according to Las Cruces Sun News. 

Police say they apprehended Barnett who ‘remained irate throughout all contact.’

She was eventually taken into custody and charged with aggravated fleeing from a law enforcement officer and reckless driving.

It was not known if she had an attorney. 

Barnett appears to have a history of acting in a loud manner posting on her Facebook page in March that she had been evicted from her apartment. 

‘Got evicted because of several noise complaints regarding loud guitar playing even late at night. No warnings or calls or even a knock from an offender neighbor- just an eviction notice taped to my upstairs apartment door. Man alive, I was not expecting that. Going to miss my picture taking room I dwell in mostly,’ she wrote. 


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