Without young people who have been vaccinated, there is a ‘good possibility’ of a new variety arising during the school holidays.


Without young people who have been vaccinated, there is a ‘good possibility’ of a new variety arising during the school holidays.

A FORMER North West regional head of Public Health warned that a new “Kent variety” may arise over the summer holidays, urging the government to consider expanding the vaccination program to include more young people who could be viral hosts.

Dr. John Ashton is concerned that unless the younger UK population is vaccinated against COVID-19, there will be greater disturbance and risk. According to Dr. Ashton, not only is there a health risk involved with contracting the condition, but children have also been forced to miss school, jeopardizing their educational aspirations. The scholar also issued a strong warning that if the UK is not careful, another variety may emerge over the summer vacation, and the government would be blaming itself for not doing more.

Dr. Ashton made an appearance on GB News prior of the JCVI’s announcement that 16 and 17-year-olds should get the vaccine.

It is intended that the 1.4 million teenagers who are eligible will be vaccinated before returning to school at the end of the summer, putting yet another barrier between them and their parents.

Dr. Ashton applauded the decision, but thought the immunization program could be expanded.

“The vaccine can hurt children; certainly, deaths have been quite low, but there are other factors to consider,” he stated.

“I mean, I said interruption to education, and we had a huge number of children who had to be socially segregated during the latter weeks of the summer term due to the virus’s massive spread among school-aged youngsters.

“And that’s really disruptive to their education, the other aspect that’s essential, other from lengthy Covid, which people tend to underestimate as a problem for teenagers and older people alike.

“What I’m concerned about now, in the school holidays, is the possibility for more virus mutations, and that’s what I’m concerned about with the virus running at very high levels among the 15 to 30 age range.

“There’s a good probability we’ll have another Kent variety or another geographic variation, perhaps a Cornwall variation, given how touristy Cornwall is.

“You know, we really lost an opportunity to get the teenagers vaccinated before the school year ended, so perhaps we’ll be able to get cracking soon.

“And double-check.” Brinkwire Summary News


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