Without obtaining planning permission, woodland was demolished to make way for a traveller site.


Without planning permission, woodland was razed to make way for a traveller camp.

A TRAVELLER SITE has been built in a wooded area near a picturesque country village.

Residents in Woodford, Northamptonshire, claim the settlement was built in “disregard of planning policies and laws” near farm buildings off a country lane, with a number of mature trees completely cut down to make way for the settlement, which did not have planning permission at the time.

The stark contrast in the environment, which is near a nature reserve and the River Nene, can be seen in the before and after photos.

However, developers have the option of seeking retrospective permission, and the plot’s developers are currently attempting to get plans approved by North Northamptonshire Council, which was formed last year following a merger.

Green Planning, the agent, has applied for a two-family pitch with two static homes, four towing caravans, and an amenity block.

According to Northants Live, the site was once a derelict paddock that was used “more than 20 or 30 years ago.”

However, the local community, led by Woodford Parish Council, has spoken out against the plans.

The environmental destruction and flagrant disregard for planning policies have outraged Woodford Parish Council.

Woodford Parish Council is a local government in the town of Woodford

There have been 59 comments on the plans on the online application, all of which are negative.

“Woodford Parish Council is appalled at the environmental destruction and blatant disregard of planning policies and laws, as well as highway regulations exhibited by the applicant and objects in the strongest possible terms to this retrospective planning application,” the parish council wrote in a letter to the Tory-controlled authority.

“The proposed plan is for static and mobile residential premises outside the village boundary, on land that is not zoned for housing and is unsuitable for that purpose,” one Woodford resident said.

“Since the land’s ownership was transferred, many trees have been cut down, presumably on the applicant’s orders.”

“The application’s claim that no trees will be cut is false; an area of well-established woodland has already been destroyed.”

“The location is on one of the village’s three main roads.

The proposed location is located on a busy road with no footpath.

“Traffic volume and speed have long been a source of concern for locals.

The proposed traveller site would increase the volume of traffic and its impact.

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Woodford Parish Council is appalled at the environmental destruction and blatant disregard of planning policies

Woodford Parish Council


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