With Putin and Xi posing a threat to the West, the EU is ‘turning in on itself.’


With Putin and Xi posing a threat to the West, the EU is ‘turning in on itself.’

As the EU “turns in on itself” amid “internal squabbling,” superpowers Russia and China continue to escalate their threats against the West.

World heavyweights Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping will take advantage of weaknesses in the EU and NATO, according to Ian Shields, an international relations expert at Cambridge University.

He accused the EU of losing sight of the bigger picture and being too preoccupied with its “dream of EU unity” to notice threats from aggressive world powers such as Russia and China.

“The EU is so preoccupied with its internal problems and the dream of greater EU unity that it lacks the wherewithal to turn its attention to what I believe are far greater problems, the problems of international politics,” Mr Shields, a former RAF navigator, told This website.

“The threat posed by Putin and China, as well as challenges to western democracy and even dominance.”

He urged NATO to respond to Russia’s and Putin’s threats of invasion in Ukraine with unity.

“My prediction for 2022 is that it will be an interesting and challenging year for international politics,” Mr Shields said.

“Dividends within what I now refer to as the ‘United States of America,’ huge problems in the former Soviet Union, and Putin’s efforts to turn the clock back in Russia to Soviet times, as well as problems in China.”

“I believe NATO’s voice and leadership in international politics should be far more united and unified.”

“The problem that NATO faces, in my opinion, is a divided America – I have never seen America as polarized as it is now, and it was far more so even in the 1960s, when racism was at its peak.”

“Right now, we need strong leadership from America, and we’re not getting it.”

“Another issue with NATO is that the vast majority of its members are European Union members.”

“The EU is collapsing in on itself, with internal squabbles, Germany’s power transition, what’s going on with Macron in France, and even suggestions that he won’t run for election this year because he knows he’ll lose.”

His warning comes after Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has “no justification whatsoever.”

The Foreign Secretary, who will be in Kiev later this month.

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