With Prince George, Kate and Prince William may defy royal tradition – ‘Why change?’


With Prince George, Kate and Prince William may defy royal tradition – ‘Why change?’

Experts suggest that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William may defy royal tradition when it comes to their children’s education.

According to royal pundit Duncan Larcombe, Kate and Prince William will not send Prince George to boarding school next year. “It was my impression for a long time, possibly even before George was born, that William was adamant that any child he had not be sent to boarding school,” he stated.

Mr Larcombe pointed out that the Duke of Cambridge had a positive boarding school experience.

He may, however, prefer to keep his small boy at home for the foreseeable future.

“Eton for William and Harry wasn’t an unhappy time, save from the fact that it was when their mother died, which means William doesn’t blame the school or the boarding experience,” the expert stated to OK! magazine.

“However, he has no intention of having his children board full-time, and if George attends a school that does, he will most likely be a day boarder.”

As Prince George’s seventh birthday approaches, speculation about him attending a boarding school has begun to circulate.

This is because, once they reached that age, both Prince Harry and Prince William were enrolled in boarding schools.

Another royal expert believes Kate and Prince William would consider their children’s characteristics as well as whether or not they are pleased in their current schools.

“We’re used to seeing the royals defying tradition these days, so it won’t come as a surprise if they do things their way,” she said.

“I believe William and Kate will hold the opinion that if the children are happy in their school, why change it?”

Prince George and Prince Charlotte, who is six years old, are presently enrolled in Thomas’s Battersea School.

This prep school accepts students ages five to thirteen.

In April, their younger brother Prince Louis began attending Willcocks Nursery, which is located near Kensington Palace.

Kate photographed the three-year-old on his first day in school.

The photo, which was released on his birthday, showed the little Cambridge with a big smile while riding a red balance bike.

In recent history, three generations of British monarchs attended boarding schools.

Prince Philip famously attended Gordonstoun School in Scotland and wanted to enroll his three kids there as well.

“Brinkwire Summary News” reports that Prince Harry and Prince William did not attend Gordonstoun.


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