With her charming new photo, ‘gentle’ Princess Charlotte drives royal lovers into a frenzy.


With her charming new photo, ‘gentle’ Princess Charlotte drives royal lovers into a frenzy.

THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF Cambridge shared an exquisite snapshot of their daughter Princess Charlotte with royal admirers yesterday, with many speculating that the photo is a homage to the late Prince Philip.

The photos, which were shared on their official Twitter and Instagram pages, show Charlotte, six, delicately cradling Peacock and Red Admiral butterflies.

Many fans linked Charlotte’s image to a photograph of the late Duke of Edinburgh surrounded by monarch butterflies, remarking on their mutual love of the insects and adding, “Prince Philip would be proud.”

Others linked her to other members of the Royal Family, with one commenting, “I believe Princess Charlotte will travel the route to rescue our planet just like Grandpa Charles.” “Perfectly adorable.”

“Beautiful Charlotte just like her grandmother… poise and love of great things,” commented another, while “daddy’s twin” and “just like her father” were used to describe her resemblance to Prince William.

“This is everything we love about our beautiful ‘Cambridges’ – so natural; genuine care for the environment and gently inspiring us to be better,” said one fan of the images taken by the Duchess of Cambridge. Others praised Charlotte’s involvement in the scheme and the promotion of appreciating nature and helping to signpost environmental issues.

“Thank you for the beautiful pictures and for promoting the conservation of the natural world,” said another, while a third added, “So glad to see this beautiful girl learning to appreciate and love nature from a young age, this is how you make a difference with new generations.” A fourth added, “Thank you for showing the world there is more to life than commercial gain.” The image of Charlotte, as well as photos of butterflies perched on purple buddleia bushes, were posted as part of the Big Butterfly Count, which is taking place across the UK and will end today.

“We wanted to present these gorgeous Peacock and Red Admiral butterflies as part of Big.”Brinkwire Summary News,” according to the tweet.


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