With her bombshell Cummings interview, BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg risks causing panic in Westminster.


With her bombshell Cummings interview, BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg risks causing panic in Westminster.

THE BBC is causing consternation in Downing Street by announcing that a shocking interview between Laura Kuenssberg and Dominic Cummings will air on Tuesday evening.

Dominic Cummings: The Interview will air on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer on Tuesday at 7 p.m. On Twitter, the BBC released a teaser of the interview, which included clips of Mr Cummings sprinting from 10 Downing Street and Boris Johnson encouraging people to “stay at home” during the pandemic’s early stages. Mr Cummings and BBC Political Editor Ms Kuenssberg face one other in the 30-second tape as they prepare for the interview, in which she remarks, “Dominic Cummings, you’ve never spoken like this before.”

“In an exclusive @BBCNews special, @BBCLauraK interviews Dominic Cummings on his role in government during the pandemic, his relationship with the Prime Minister, and his role in Brexit,” the BBC tweeted alongside the clip released on Twitter.

“Dominic Cummings: The Interview / BBC iPlayer and BBC Two / Tuesday at 7pm.”

A few hours later, the BBC released a second brief teaser film, which shows Ms Kuenssberg declaring, “You lost the debate.” You were fired from your job.

“Isn’t this retaliation?”

Mr Cummings is ready to tackle the BBC Political Editor’s tough question at the end of the brief footage.

Ms Kuenssberg has already shared the BBC’s piece on her own Twitter account.

Several people responded to the piece about Mr Cummings’ bombshell interview on Twitter, with many of them criticizing Ms Kuenssberg.

“Is Laura attempting a demolition job on Cummings on behalf of the PM?” one commenter wondered. I’d want Emily Maitlis to do the interview.

“At the very least, she asks incisive questions.”

“@bbclaurak,” wrote a second Twitter user. Watching this will certainly irritate me and make me detest him even more if you didn’t convince him to reveal the truth about his Barnard Castle trip and the various regulations he broke, along with a complete apology.”

Several others urged that Ms Kuenssberg conduct “difficult” questions of Mr Cummings and compel him to show proof to support his different charges against the government.

“Tough questions, please, and urge him to show evidence to back up his claims,” one person commented.

“Don’t forget about his role in the deceptive Brexit campaign.

“Unfortunately, any confessions will be far too late to undo the damage.”

“Let’s hope you.” Brinkwire Summary News, said another.


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