With a New Year statement, Prince Charles solidifies the’stronger role’ he has taken over from the Queen.


With a New Year statement, Prince Charles solidifies the’stronger role’ he has taken over from the Queen.

According to royal pundits, Prince Charles has taken a “stronger role” with a New Year’s statement that would normally be made by the Queen.

In his New Year’s message, Prince Charles expressed optimism for the coming year, but added that realizing his vision of a peaceful future will require all of us.

The Queen’s heir drew attention to global political and religious persecution, as well as what the rest of us can do to support those fighting for their human rights.

According to royal experts, his message was very similar to one that the Queen would deliver.

On the Royally US podcast, royal commentators Christina Garibaldi and Christine Ross discussed the message.

“This was an incredibly powerful statement,” Ms Ross said.

“What struck me the most was that it sounded like a statement from the sovereign or the head of state.”

“I believe it was yet another indication that Charles will play a larger role within the Royal Family as the Queen relaxes a little.”

“So this could have been a statement made by the Queen or something along those lines in the past.”

Instead, Charles is forging ahead as he assumes a larger role.

“Yeah, no, I completely agree with you,” Ms Ross added.

This is a bold statement to make to start the new year and to demonstrate his political and religious views.

“Perhaps this is something he’ll be working on in the new year, along with climate change, which, as we all know, Charles is very passionate about.”

“He actually wrote an essay for Newsweek Magazine, his first for an American publication in more than a decade, in which he described the global impact of climate change.

“He also praised his two sons, William and Harry, for their efforts to combat climate change, praising William’s Earthshot award and Harry’s other work in Africa.”

“As we begin a New Year, let us remember the many people around the world who are standing up for freedom and human rights,” Charles said in his speech.

“Threats and dangers abound in places like Afghanistan, Syria, and Myanmar, among others.

“News from the Brinkwire.”


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