With 350,000 views, a video of a dog being knocked from a chair by a cat has gone viral.


With 350,000 views, a video of a dog being knocked from a chair by a cat has gone viral.

A VIDEO of a cat kicking a dog out of a chair has gone viral on the internet.

Aiko the Shiba Inu is seen jumping onto a spinning chair to reach the tabby cat perched on top of a desk in the video. The cat pushes Aiko back with its paw as the dog tries to nip the feline’s leg, forcing the dog to slide back and fall off the seat.

Despite the chair colliding with a glass door, the pet appears to be unharmed, leaving the cat triumphantly perched above.

Jeff Yang, an American journalist, recorded the nine-second footage and posted it on his Twitter account on July 30.

The short footage, captioned “Not my dog’s best moment,” has been seen over 350,000 times and liked over 23,000 times.

Jeff replied to his post, adding, “There’s this moment where Aiko looks frantically around and has a sudden understanding in her furry brain about the laws of physics that’s absolutely classic.” Jeff’s followers left a flood of comments, calling the video “hilarious” because of the dog and cat’s reactions.

Aisha Sultan, a journalist, said, “Karma is a cat.” Euny Hong, a Korean-American writer, simply said, “LMAO.” Signed, a cat lover.” Dan Nguyen typed: “Cat exhibited more concern than expected.” ‘Massive’ cat spotted ‘skulking’ in an FC car park Not my dogâ€TMs best moment pic.twitter.com/uvwIultrgA However, other videos shared by pet owners show dogs to be quicker with their reactions.

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