Will you see snow this weekend? Snow forecast map: Every location that will see snow this weekend.


Snow forecast map: Every location where snow is expected this weekend – will you be one of them?

SNOW is expected to fall in some parts of the UK this weekend, but is yours one of them? Here’s a full run-down of the snow forecast for the next few days.

Snow has already fallen in northern parts of the British Isles in 2022, and the trend is expected to continue as we enter the second weekend of January.

For some areas, below-freezing temperatures will arrive tonight, bringing with them the risk of wintry conditions.

So, how much snow is expected this weekend and where will it fall?

The Met Office predicts “blustery, heavy wintry showers affecting many areas, especially the west and northwest, where the heaviest and most frequent showers, including some snow, will be” for tonight.

Temperatures are expected to drop to minus two degrees in some parts of the northern United States, according to the weather forecaster.

As we approach midnight, WXCharts predicts that the Scottish Highlands will see up to 20cm (7.8 inches) of snow.

In the west, these areas include Fort William and Glenfinnan, while in the south, near Glasgow and Edinburgh, there will be lighter showers.

Snow showers are also expected in parts of the English Pennines and Lake District on Friday afternoon.

As the evening progresses, these will become less intense.

Snowfall is expected to be one to five centimetres deep here.

Snow showers are expected to intensify in the Scottish Highlands as we enter the early hours of Saturday.

As a result, by 6 a.m., snow could have accumulated to depths of up to 25 centimeters (9.8 inches) in some high-ground locations.

For the rest of Saturday, wintry showers will linger in these parts, but at a lower intensity.

On the other hand, areas in England that experienced snow on Friday will begin to see the showers fade as the day progresses.

However, as temperatures drop by Saturday evening, they are expected to become more common.

Before we reach the halfway point of the weekend, Netweather predicts that the risk of snow in hilly areas of Wales will increase.

On Sunday, the weather pattern will be similar to the rest of the weekend, with snow falling primarily over high-ground areas in Scotland.

Showers are expected to become more intense from 6 a.m. to midnight.

However, snowfall may exceed 30cm this time.

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