Will you book a vacation as prices’skyrocket’ after travel restrictions are lifted?


Will you book a vacation as prices’skyrocket’ after travel restrictions are lifted?

MANY COvid travel restrictions have been lifted as of today, prompting Britons to rush to book vacations.

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After the government announced that pre-departure tests for fully vaccinated people would be scrapped, Jet2 boss Steve Heapy said the company saw a “huge spike” in bookings and demand had returned to “around pre-Covid levels.”

EasyJet reported a nearly 200 percent increase in bookings compared to the previous week, while Tui reported a “strong uptick.”

EasyJet said flights to Tenerife, Alicante, Malaga, and Lanzarote were the most popular, and the airline has added about 1.1 million more seats for summer 2022 from London Gatwick.

Fully vaccinated visitors to England will no longer be required to take a test before traveling starting at 4 a.m. GMT on Friday, January 7.

International travelers can also take a cheaper lateral flow starting Sunday, January 9, instead of a PCR test on day two of arrival.

After airlines claimed that passenger testing had no real impact while harming their industry, the announcement was made.

Mr. Heapy of Jet2 said, “It’s been a very difficult time for the travel industry.”

The most important thing for this industry is to fly, not a slew of government bailouts.

“All we have to do now is take people away and we’ll be profitable, paying taxes, and contributing to the economy, and in order to do that, we’ll need stability.”

On New Year’s Eve, one in every 15 people in England was infected with the virus, according to data.

Mr Johnson’s decision to open up international flights will be welcomed by the Conservatives as a sign that he is taking steps to further open up the economy.

Mr Heapy told the BBC’s Today programme that bookings were “well below” usual levels before the rule changes on Wednesday.

“People are desperate to get away,” he added.

“We can’t just slam the brakes on lockdowns and additional restrictions every time a new variant emerges.”

“We’ll have to learn to live with it, and hopefully this is the start of the end, and we’ll be able to return to some sense of normalcy.”

According to EasyJet, a survey revealed that Britons are planning more vacations than usual in 2022, and are willing to spend around £1,000 more than usual on them.

Will you make a reservation for a.

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