Will the infant of Princess Beatrice inherit Prince Andrew’s title of Duke of York?


Will the infant of Princess Beatrice inherit Prince Andrew’s title of Duke of York?

Princess Beatrice, Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter, is expecting a child. Will Prince Andrew’s title of Duke of York be passed down to her first child?

Princess Beatrice, 32, and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi have announced their pregnancy. Their royal baby is coming in the autumn, and fans were overjoyed to see Beatrice’s growing baby belly during the Wimbledon tennis tournament last week.

Princess Eugenie, 31, gave birth to a baby boy in February, although her son August did not acquire a royal title. Beatrice is the eldest child of Prince Andrew, 61, and Sarah Ferguson, 61.

Andrew is the Queen’s second son, and while retiring from public life in November 2019, he has kept his Duke of York title.

Peerages can only be passed down the male line of the family, therefore only sons, nephews, or grandchildren can inherit them under the law of male primogeniture.

Beatrice is the tenth in line to the throne and is not a member of the royal family.

While she was born with a royal title, her children will not inherit it because the privilege is only given to the governing sovereign’s grandchildren and not great-grandchildren.

It might seem natural that if Beatrice had a son, he will inherit Andrew’s Duke of York title, but this is exceedingly doubtful.

According to a constitutional expert, Prince Harry, 36, the sixth in line to the throne, or Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William’s youngest son Prince Louis, three, are the most likely candidates to inherit the title.

The peerage will only pass on after Andrew’s death, when it will be merged with the crown and redistributed according to the ruling sovereign’s wishes.

“Without a son, and under the conditions of the letters patent under which the dukedom of York was re-created in 1986, the death of the current duke will see the title combine with the crown,” constitutional scholar Iain MacMarthanne told This website.

If Harry’s father, Prince Charles, 72, is king at the time of Andrew’s death, he might be given the title.

“Historically, it is a title that has been awarded to the sovereign’s second son,” Mr MacMarthanne added.

“With Charlesâ€TM accession, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, arguably, becomes the sovereign’s second son and, according to tradition, might become the future Duke of York in.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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