Will Eugenie’s links with the Queen be severed if she votes with the Sussexes on Megxit? VOTE.


Will Eugenie’s links with the Queen be severed if she votes with the Sussexes on Megxit? VOTE.

PRINCESS EUGENIE has showed her support for Meghan and Harry by endorsing the Duchess of Sussex’s new philanthropic initiative, but do you think Eugenie will cut relations with the Queen if she backs Megxit? Please participate in our poll and leave a comment on this story.

Meghan sent out a message for her 40th birthday, requesting 40 pals to spend 40 minutes mentoring a woman who is attempting to reintegrate into the workforce, and Princess Eugenie endorsed the idea. “To commemorate dear Meghan’s 40th birthday, I’m offering 40 minutes of mentorship to encourage women re-entering the workforce,” she wrote on Instagram.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall’s birthday wishes were significantly more muted, with neither of them tweeting a family photo of Meghan and instead opting for a portrait of her alone.

Except for Eugenie, no other members of the Royal Family have endorsed Meghan’s 40×40 plan.

Following the uproar produced by Harry and Meghan’s charges of maltreatment and prejudice in the Royal Family over the past year, Eugenie’s choice to publicly show her support for the Duchess may irritate some members of the Firm.

The author of Prince Andrew, Nigel Cawthorne, recently said that the Duke of Sussex would be able to rely on Eugenie to act as a “neutral go-between” if he and Meghan ever want to “return to the fold.”

Eugenie’s support for the couple might be a “game-changer,” according to another royal analyst, Daniela Elser, because no other royals have officially aligned with “the breakaway state of Sussex.”

“For years, Eugenie has been the member of the Royal Family who has been closest to Meghan,” she wrote on news.com.au.

“While the other royal houses all uploaded sterile, formal postings on social media last week to commemorate the Duchess’s 40th birthday, Eugenie was the only one who quite enthusiastically threw her weight behind ‘dear Meghan’s’ 40×40 mentorship campaign via Instagram.”

She went on to say that if Eugenie continues to back Harry and Meghan, she “would be the first member of the Queen’s closest circle to desert, lending substantial credence to the Sussexes’ claims.”

Eugenie and Harry have always had a close relationship, and she was one of the first people Harry told about his family. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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