Wildfires in Greece have engulfed a cemetery where Prince Philip’s relatives are buried, causing royal alarm.


Wildfires in Greece have engulfed a cemetery where Prince Philip’s relatives are buried, causing royal alarm.

The royal cemetery near Tatoi Palace, where members of the Greek Royal Family, including relatives of late Prince Philip, have been laid to rest, has been “invaded” by flames in Greece.

The wildfires that have been destroying the Mediterranean country hit the royal park and cemetery near the royal house last evening – previously the Greek sovereign’s summer hideaway. According to historian and writer Oskar Aanmoen, the Friends of Tatoi Association assessed the situation as “very severe.”

“Tatoi Palace is currently threatened by fires,” Royal Central’s senior journalist posted on Twitter yesterday evening.

“According to Greek media, the fire has already spread to the interior of the royal park and the royal cemetery.

“The situation is exceedingly severe, according to the president of the Association of Friends of Tatoi.”

The extent of the cemetery’s devastation is unknown.

According to Greek media, the fire has entirely destroyed huge portions of the royal grounds surrounding the castle.

Yesterday, firefighters were dispatched to Tatoi Palace’s lawn and fought the increasing threat for several hours.

The wind changed in the early hours of today morning, and the fire began to move away from Tatoi Palace.

Firefighters say the historic home is no longer in direct danger at this time.

This encouraging development came after the Greek Minister of Culture visited the palace on August 4 with Prince Nikolaos, the third child of Greece’s last King and Queen, to witness firsthand how quickly the forest fire was approaching the historic mansion.

The Culture Ministry ordered the items from the royal collection and papers from the Palace of Tatoi to be evacuated for safety reasons on August 5.

Tatoi Cemetery is a private cemetery on the royal estate’s south end, where 20 members of the Greek royal family are buried.

The parents of the last Greek King, Constantine II: King Paul I, who reigned between 1947 to 1964, and his wife Queen Frederica of Hanover, are among the royals buried there.

Prince Philip’s first cousin, the late King, was born in Greece in 1921.

Despite being born on the Greek island of Corfu and receiving the titles of Prince of Greece and Denmark at birth, Prince Philip only spent a few months in the country before his family was deported following the death of King Constantine I. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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