Wildfires destroy Greece, with horrific imagery showing the entire island engulfed in flames.


Wildfires destroy Greece, with horrific imagery showing the entire island engulfed in flames.

TERRIBLE wildfires have ravaged Greece, with footage showing residents and visitors being evacuated from a popular island getaway overnight.

As wildfires scorch Greece, tens of thousands of people have been forced to abandon their homes. Residents and tourists were evacuated from Evia, a popular island resort, in a spectacular rescue overnight. As wildfires crept in on the island’s borders, panicked residents were hurried onto ferries and fishing boats.

After a fire closed off escape, more than 1,000 individuals were evacuated as part of the effort.

As the country works to contain the situation, at least 150 fires have been reported.

With temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius, the country is also experiencing its worst heatwave in almost three decades.

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, has dispatched 21 of the UK’s best firefighters to Athens to assist in the fight against the raging flames in Greece.

The news comes after it was announced that a volunteer fireman in Greece died battling the blazes that have engulfed the country.

He was believed to have died when a fallen utility pole struck him in the head.

A total of 20 persons have been hurt.

The 21 experienced British firemen will leave soon to assist Greek firefighters who are presently battling the fires.

“Priti was in Greece earlier this week and seen the catastrophic damage the flames are having,” a Home Office source said.

“That is why she is sending these firefighters to assist our international allies who are in need.”

Additional firefighters and planes have been dispatched from France and the United States.

A fire raging in a national park near Athens is also producing thick black smoke.

The appearance of clouds of smoke and ash approaching Athens has prompted some residents to flee their houses in the Greek city.

“We’re talking about the apocalypse, I don’t know how to express it,” Sotiris Danikas, a coastguard official on the island, told ERT.

The flames, according to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, demonstrated “the truth of climate change.”

Hot, dry weather is more likely to fuel wildfires as a result of climate change.


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