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Wild TORNADO rips through Adelaide causing widespread damage to homes and power lines

A freak mini tornado has damaged trees, homes and power lines during a bizarre weather phenomenon in Adelaide overnight.

Bonnie Haselgrove, Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster, told Daily Mail Australia that at 9.20pm on Tuesday a band of intense showers spread over Morphett Vale, in south Adelaide.

‘Reviewing the data it is clear there were rotational winds,’ she said.

‘There is sufficient evidence to indicate it was a tornado – however without on the ground analysis it is hard to classify it.’ 

Ms Haselgrove said images indicated that it was an EF0 tornado, which means winds can range from 105 to 136 km per hour.

She said there were other smaller rotational wind patterns, so it can’t be ruled out there were even more small tornadoes in the area.

Most tornadoes in Australia have a Enhanced Fujita scale of zero or one – which are the lowest possible ranks.

State Emergency Services were called to 40 homes overnight – with seven impacted on just one street, according to Seven News. 

A local who gave his name only as Paul is one of the people whose home was impacted by the intense storms overnight. 

He told ABC Radio Adelaide he had sat down to watch a movie when the winds suddenly started.

‘We were just about to pick a movie … then “whoosh, whoosh”, three flashes, the loudest bang, then a massive yellow explosion,’ he said.

‘I said, “Get down, we’re under attack.” Honestly, I was [in] fear for our lives. 

‘I’ve never seen anything like this … really freaky stuff. Like, where did that come from?’

Two icy cold fronts from Antarctica will batter Australia this week – with snow expected to cover from the Great Dividing Range all the way to the Queensland border. 

A mass of polar air will spread across NSW, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria on Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by another snowy blast just days later.

This powerful weather system is also expected to cause widespread hail, thunderstorms, snow, blustery winds and rain in the same four states. 

The first front will bring torrential rain, dangerous winds, snow and thunderstorms across the states, according to Weatherzone.

The most damaging winds were in South Australia on Tuesday afternoon, but soon spread up into NSW and northeast Victoria on Wednesday.

A severe weather warning has been issued across New South Wales, with dangerous winds expected from Wednesday ahead of a polar blast later in the week.

The Bureau of Meteorology says the wind chill factor will be significant on Wednesday and the rest of the week, especially in the south of the state.

‘A vigorous cold front will sweep across western NSW this morning, reaching eastern parts of the state this afternoon and evening and bringing very windy conditions with its passage,’ the bureau said.

Newcastle, Wollongong, Nowra, Batemans Bay, Goulburn, Broken Hill and Thredbo Top will be among the areas most affected.

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