Why the UK needs FOUR new bank holidays – there is a demand to remedy the country’s “stingy” offering.


Why the UK needs FOUR new bank holidays – there is a demand to remedy the country’s “stingy” offering.

BANK HOLIDAY For many of the UK’s critical workers, Monday delivered a much-needed three-day holiday and respite. The vacation, though, is one of the last in 2021, prompting calls for four more.

This week, the August bank holiday has provided folks a much-needed three-day weekend. Many British workers, many of whom may have recently returned to work, may have found the extra day off to be a lifeline. Unfortunately, after today, they will have to wait a long time for another vacation that will not use their yearly leave.

Today’s bank holiday is the final of the season and is officially known as the summer bank holiday.

After today’s, the British can only look forward to two more, on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Because the two events fall on weekends, the 2021 final holidays have been rescheduled for December 27 and 28.

They are two of the eight bank holidays that the British may look forward to each year, and trade unions are pushing for more.

Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), a federation of British trade unions, made a strong case.

She suggested that the government consider creating new public holidays between August and December to express gratitude to Britain’s employees for helping the country through difficult times.

While today’s holiday is a “nice break,” especially for those “on the front lines,” Ms O’Grady pointed out that the number of vacation days Brits get is “stingy” in comparison to other countries.

When it comes to bank holidays, England and Wales are at the bottom of the list, with Scotland having nine and Northern Ireland having 10.

The EU countries do much better, averaging 12 each year.

Japanese citizens have the most vacation days, at 17 per year.

The TUC has recommended that Brits obtain at least 12, which is in line with the rest of Europe’s average.

Ms. O’Grady also stated that now is the time for people to consider where the new holidays should be placed by the government.

“It’s time for a national dialogue about when our new holidays should be,” she remarked. What would they be commemorating?

“An autumn vacation to break up the long wait for Christmas would be a nice place to start.”

Additional bank holidays, particularly those that bridge the summer and winter seasons, have long been requested by organizations.

Once upon a time, prominent economists argued for another day. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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