Why Princess Diana Was By no means Changed By Cherie Blair As Trend Icon

During and after her marriage to Prince Charles, Princess Diana received an immense amount of praise for her charitable work, but, she was also known as a fashion icon. Her trendy style choices often earned her attention from the media, however, years after her death, Cherie Blair reportedly tried to win over the spotlight that was no longer dominated by the Princess of Wales.

Cherie, who is the wife of the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair, reportedly took a sudden interest in fashion after her husband rose to power.

In the book “Tony & Cherie: A Special Relationship,” biographer Paul Scott wrote about Cherie’s sudden transition from a fashion nobody to the owner of various eye-catching ensembles.

Cherie’s “obsession with her looks and her clothes had led to accusations that she was trying to replace Princess Diana as a style icon,” the author explained.

“Those who know Mrs. Blair point out that she developed nothing short of an obsession with her appearance after her husband rose to leader of his party, even suggesting she had ‘undergone a road to Damascus conversion.’”

Despite her aspirations to gain praise for her fashion choices, Cherie received backlash after some began to suspect she may have been dipping into government funds to finance her new wardrobe.

While the rumors were not confirmed, Scott noted, “no royal bank balance to foot the bill, nor, does she receive the allowance for clothes that her husband gets from the state.”

Although Cherie continued to go above and beyond to get attention from the media, she was reportedly left disappointed by the coverage she managed to receive. “She started scouring the tabloids for references to her clothes. She would become alternately furious or overly hurt if there was any negative comment.”

Cherie was able to garner some recognition for her ensembles, however,  Princess Diana continues to remain a notable fashion icon.