Why Prince Charles’s Spouse Camilla Parker Bowles Ought to Grow to be Queen Regardless of Affair

When Queen Elizabeth II abdicates the throne, Prince Charles will become King but, his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles’ new title may stir up some backlash from Princess Diana fans.

Although Camilla was initially expected to take on the title of Princess Consort, it is no longer clear what her new title will be. However, one royal commentator thinks the Duchess of Cornwall deserves to be Queen.

During a conversation on the “Pod Save the Queen” podcast, BBC royal correspondent alum Jennie Bond shared why she believes Camilla should be given use of the Queen title.

“If your husband is King then you’re Queen, quite frankly. I do think she deserves that place and that respect, the commentator said.

Camilla’s potential title is often the topic of discussion due to the history of her relationship with Prince Charles. The couple carried on an affair during his marriage to Princess Diana and her marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles. 

Nonetheless, Bond believes it’s time to let go of Charles and Camilla’s mistakes from the past. “I always say, how many of us have made a cock-up of our private lives?”

“Is this couple to be punished forever for having made a mess of their own first marriages? I think she should be Queen when he becomes King,” she said.

While Bond insisted the Duchess of Cornwall should become the Queen Consort, noting that Diana once referred to Camilla as “the love of Prince Charles’ life,” fans and commentators remain divided about what her new title should be once the Prince of Wales becomes King.