Why is pink the only color available? Take a look at TikToker’s gothic doll’s house.


Why is pink the only color available? Take a look at TikToker’s gothic doll’s house.

On TikTok, there’s room for a lot more than what we’ve previously thought was acceptable. One TikToker took that notion and turned it into a pink doll’s house that was more her style. It’s now pitch black and eerie.

Lace doilies, floral bedspreads, and chandeliers all work beautifully in a doll’s house… However, if you add some black decor, boarded up windows, and a skeleton wreath, kids might not want to play in it any longer.

With the start of the year’s scariest season in September, TikTok user @eatsleepletter, also known as Haley, gave herself a challenge: to turn a classic doll’s house into something a little spookier.

Everything was meticulously detailed, from coffin-shaped shelves to a plethora of miniature curio and ornaments beside the doll’s house’s fireplace.

It was so well-done that it could have easily been included on an episode of American Horror Story. Rather of being geared towards children’s activities, her invention was of bloodcurdling beauty.

The TikToker transformed a pocket-sized house into someplace The Addams Family would be delighted to call home over the course of six videos – a far cry from a sweet and innocent doll’s house.

Haley’s gothic touches can be found in every room of the doll’s house.

A bowl of eyeballs replaces a fruit arrangement; a coffin-shaped shelf made of popsicle sticks holds tiny books of potions and spells; cool silver accents replace the original gold, all bathed in the light of lamps embellished with plastic ribcages and bones; and there are countless litres of black paint.

While many people began to pursue creative endeavors during lockdown, Haley went above and beyond. The results are well worth the effort, as evidenced by videos of the dollhouse transformations that have appeared on Buzzfeed and other major publishers’ social media pages.

Are you a fan of gloomy corners and cobweb-covered hallways? If they don’t give you the chills, now is a good time to give your old doll’s house a facelift.


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