Why is it so cool this summer? The Met Office explains why cold temperatures are common in the winter.


Why is it so cool this summer? The Met Office explains why cold temperatures are common in the winter.

SUMMER HAS ARRIVED, despite the fact that the weather outside the window seems like a typical January day. However, with many of us wondering why it’s been so cold and rainy this year, this website contacted the Met Office, who, you may be surprised to learn, claim it’s not unusual at all.

The United Kingdom isn’t known for its tropical climate or unique beaches. In fact, the reverse is true. However, this year has been as awful as any other. In May, a brief peek of sunshine and rising temperatures prompted many to speculate that this may be the start of a remarkable post-pandemic summer, only to be immediately dashed when flood warnings, extreme weather alerts, and storms swept in. Many people have been left wondering why Brits have been forced to face this fate now that July has arrived and the promise of a speedy climate turnaround has diminished as the first week comes to a close.

People have flocked to social media to express their feelings, with one commenting, “The way the UK weather is moving in July, summer must extend till December.” We can’t even go outside without a jacket, mate.”

“This summer has been a washout so far,” commented another. #UK #Summer #Weather.”

“In some parts of the UK, the summer solstice in June was colder than the winter solstice,” one user noted. It tells you everything you need to know about the weather in the United Kingdom.”

One Twitter user, reflecting on the country’s difficult 16 months, said, “Seriously UK, you can have better summer weather than this!” I believe we are all deserving of it.”

Another, expressing many Brits’ weather worries, wrote: “Summer lasts five days longer than winter?? Tell the UK weather that we’ll be lucky if summer lasts FIVE DAYS.”

“Typical UK weather, summer finally comes around and all we get is rain,” one person wrote alongside a meme of an unhappy man.

“Look, if God wants us to stay in the UK this summer, why has he made the weather so horribly s***?” one said, lamenting the idea of staycations.

While many people are wondering what makes this year’s weather so bad compared to previous summers, it’s truly nothing out of the ordinary.

What is the weather forecast for the coming week? “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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