Why has North Korean leader Kim Jong-un lost so much weight?


Health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un: Why has he lost so much weight?

KIM JONG-UN has been out of the spotlight for over a year and has lost a significant amount of weight.

It has sparked persistent rumors about the health of North Korea’s leader.

But why has Kim Jong-un lost so much weight? As he turns 38 today, this website sheds light on the mystery surrounding his health.

Since inheriting power from his father in 2012, Kim Jong-un has been the autocratic ruler of North Korea.

He ascended to the position of leader at the age of 27, but little was known about him prior to that.

Mr. Kim’s rule has been meticulously crafted, with state media largely in charge of his image.

This makes seeing past the propaganda extremely difficult, but there have been a few signs this year that have led to speculation that the dictator is not in the best of health.

Recent public appearances by Kim Jong-un

In April 2020, US officials expressed concern about Kim Jong Un’s health, citing reports that he had undergone heart surgery.

When he returned to public duties three weeks later, some observers noticed a mark on his arm and speculated that he had undergone surgery.

Mr. Kim has a long history of being overweight and a heavy smoker.

However, as Mr Kim approaches his forties, there are signs that he is becoming more concerned about his health.

He appears to have lost around 20 kg (44 pounds) since his absence in 2020, and he appeared noticeably leaner in June 2021.

Mr. Kim, on the other hand, has been missing from a number of public appearances this year, the most notable of which occurred between September and November 2021.

The dictator was gone for more than a month, the longest break in his seven-year reign.

Satellite images revealed an increase in activity around his east coast beach house and a lakeside mansion in Pyongyang, according to reports from NK News.

During illness, the dictator is said to retreat to these locations.

During his absence from October 12 to early November 2021, state-controlled North Korean media failed to keep citizens informed about their leader’s health.

When he returned, state officials offered no explanation for his prolonged absence.

An undated photograph of Mr Kim inspecting a construction site in Samjiyon city was attached to the return.

The photo was released on November 16 by the North Korean government, implying.

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