‘Why do we let ourselves be robbed?’ Hundreds of jobs are at danger as the French turn their guns on Germany.


‘Why do we let ourselves be robbed?’ Hundreds of jobs are at danger as the French turn their guns on Germany.

THE MOST RECENT FRANCE-GERMAN SPACE DEAL has enraged the French public and potentially jeopardize hundreds of jobs.

With public and institutional missions, Germany and France committed to spend more money on Ariane 6 and support the new European launcher, as well as the smaller Vega.

The two major budget contributors to the European Space Agency (ESA) thereby brought an end to a debate and disagreement between Berlin and Paris that had been ongoing since the last Member State conference in mid-July.

Despite the fact that a French facility manufactures the parts, France has given up a contract to assemble the engines on its own.

The decision infuriated presidential contender and La France Insoumise leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who warned that hundreds of jobs in France could be jeopardized as a result.

“It’s another of those days when you get nauseous when you hear the news,” he raged. Ariane 6 will be launched in a few months, in 2022.

“This is a significant milestone for our aerospace industry, which is one of the world’s most successful.”

“However, in a speech to his company’s top executives on September 23, Ariane-CEO Group’s stated that Ariane’s engines would not be constructed in France, but in Germany!”

These ‘Vinci’ engines, however, are made by a French manufacturer. The Ariane rocket engines were previously manufactured in the Vernon facility in the Eure area.

“However, they will be made in Bavaria this time.” A hundred jobs are in jeopardy. There will be no argument! “Knowing that 20% of the staff has already been eliminated in this factory in previous years, the EU mask slips—speech Sefcovic’s exposes the REAL agenda.”

“We’re talking about the greatest degree of qualification available in our country for workers, technicians, and engineers.”

“The loss of this output is a calamity for France,” he said, blaming French President Emmanuel Macron for the “catastrophe.”

“In the long run, it symbolizes the abolition of a unique know-how that is critical to our power and, as a result, our independence.”

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