Why aren’t the French falling for Michel Barnier’s charms in the upcoming election?


Why aren’t the French falling for Michel Barnier’s charms in the upcoming election?

MICHEL BARNIER has entered the race to succeed Emmanuel Macron as President of France. However, according to the most recent surveys, Mr. Macron and Marine Le Pen are the two candidates who are now leading the presidential campaign.

Michel Barnier, the former Brexit negotiator, has confirmed his desire to compete in the French presidential race next year. However, before Mr. Barnier can run for office, he must first gain the support of his party, Les Républicains.

“In these dreadful times, I have the determination to stand… and be the president of a reconciled France, to respect the French people and see that France is respected,” Michel Barnier said on TF1’s new show last week.

Mr Barnier is not currently the party’s candidate because Les Républicains has yet to decide whether or not to have a primary this autumn.

Even if Mr Barnier runs for president as a candidate for his party, polls show that other politicians are now attracting greater support.

This month, EuropeElects presented a 2,000-person Ipsos poll for Libres!, which revealed that 53% of Europeans will definitely vote in the election next year.

When given a variety of scenarios with various right-wing candidates, the survey found that Mr Barnier would receive 11% of the vote.

This put Mr. Barnier in a tie for third place with Yannick Jadot, a probable Green Party candidate.

Xavier Bertrand now has the strongest poll ratings among the mainstream centre-right candidates.

According to the same poll, Mr Bertrand would receive 15% of the vote, while Valérie Pécresse of Soyons Libres would receive 14%.

To dethrone the two current front-runners, Mr. Barnier would have to make a big splash.

Emmanuel Macron of La République En Marche! and Marine Le Pen of the far-right Rassemblement National are leading surveys despite the fact that the election is still months away.

Mr Macron has 24 percent support in a Politico poll of polls for the French presidential race in 2022.

According to the latest survey, Ms Le Pen has 24 percent support, indicating that Mr Macron could have stiff competition in his bid for a second term as president.

However, according to Politico’s second-round vote poll, Mr Macron appears to be on his way to victory.

According to Politico, Mr. Macron would receive 55% of the vote, while Ms. Le Pen would receive 45%.

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