Who will succeed Angela Merkel in Germany? As hopefuls hold closing rallies, polls are being taken.


Who will succeed Angela Merkel in Germany? As hopefuls hold closing rallies, polls are being taken.

THE GERMAN ELECTION OF 2021 WILL BEGIN IN A FEW HOURS, and the fight to replace current Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is standing down after nearly 16 years at the helm of the German government, will be fierce. But what do the most recent polls say about her CDU/CSU successor Armin Laschet’s chances of defeating Social Democrat leader Olaf Scholz? On Sunday, Germans are expected to vote in the most contentious election in years. However, recent surveys show that no one knows which party will win and who will be the next chancellor. The majority of political experts believe that no single party will win the election outright, and that a governing coalition would be formed instead. The campaign has seen a lot of swings thus far, with the SPD, CDU/CSU, and Greens all leading surveys at different times, indicating that this will be one of the most fascinating German elections in a long time.

Germany has an uncertain future because no candidate has emerged as a clear winner so far.

According to polls, none of the primary contenders has fully convinced the country’s 62 million voters.

When voting closes at 6 p.m. local time (5 p.m. BST) on Sunday, exit polls will be issued, with results expected throughout the night.

Despite all projections, most analysts believe that after months of tumultuous discussions, a coalition government will emerge as the most likely conclusion.

On September 25, Angela Merkel made a final push to mobilize support behind her probable successor, Armin Laschet.

She stated that the country’s “future” was at stake as the election date approached.

“In some election campaigns, you get the idea that it’s maybe about this or that topic, but in the end, it might not really matter who rules Germany,” Ms Merkel said at the event.

“However, I want to tell you from my own experience that there are times in a chancellor’s political life when it doesn’t matter who rules, when you have to make the correct decision.”

“It’s about keeping Germany stable,” she continued. It has to do with your future.” Ms Merkel did not specifically mention the SPD or Mr Scholz, but she implied that if Mr Scholz were elected, the prospective change would be disastrous.

A left-leaning Government coalition, in particular, would “strangulate” firms with extra levies and isolate Germany, according to the outgoing Chancellor. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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