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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? player uses ALL FOUR lifelines on Spice Girls question

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? viewers were left shocked after a player used all four of his lifelines on an ‘easy question’ about the Spice Girls on last night’s episode.

Paul Curievici, from Surrey, was asked to name the British girl band’s second UK number one single in yesterday’s programme, which first aired in March 2019.

But the pop music question, worth a staggering £64,000, left the contestant stumped – with Paul using all four of his lifelines, including Ask the Audience, 50:50, Phone-a-Friend and Ask the Host.

Thankfully, he eventually answered correctly after guessing Say You’ll Be There and walked away with the prize – having decided to pass on the next question for £125,000.

But the audience at home were left disappointed by Paul’s decision to use up all his helpful options on a question most deemed ‘easy’, with one fan writing on Twitter: ‘I thought everyone knew that!’

Another said: ‘I remember shouting at the screen at this Spice Girls question the first time round! I’m just as stressed.’

A third unimpressed viewer added: ‘After a flying start he’s blown all his lifelines on a relatively easy question.’

While a fourth wrote: ‘I hate it when they use all their lifelines on one question. What’s the point? Take the money.’ 

Paul had raced through most of his questions to get all the way to £32,000 in record time, according to host Jeremy Clarkson.

But then for £64,000, the player was asked: ‘What was the title of the second UK number one single by the Spice Girls?’ before being given these four options to pick from: ‘Viva Forever, 2 Become 1, Too Much and Say You’ll Be There.’

‘It would be an understatement to say that this is not my specialist subject,’ Paul revealed after hearing the question.

Asking the audience for help first, the majority suggested that the answer to the question was 2 Become 1.

Paul then joked: ‘Literally my Spice Girls knowledge ends with the fact that they exist,’ before adding: ‘I think I faintly remember that one of these two songs was their last song. Viva Forever sounds like a farewell song.

‘But Say You’ll Be There… I can’t remember if that was an important song either.’

Still unsure, Paul decided to use his 50:50 lifeline which left only 2 Become 1 and Say You’ll Be There. 

Determined not to lose £64,000, Paul then called his friend for help but the pal wasn’t clear either.

The contestant used his last lifeline and asked Jeremy for his suggestion, but the host was quick to admit: ‘I’m extremely proud to say I don’t know.’

Despite still being unsure, Paul submitted Say You’ll Be There as his final answer and was thankfully correct and walked away with £64,000 after deciding to skip the £125,000 question.

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