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White supremacist slaps female bartender in the face in sickening footage from Florida

A self declared white supremacist has been filmed slapping a female bartender in the face in sickening footage taken at a Florida restaurant. 

The man – identified as Nicholas Arnold Schock – lashed out after declaring the ‘Aryan nation will rule all’ and telling people to ‘call Trump’ as they try to restrain him. 

Schock, 36, has been charged with one count of battery and one count of disturbing the peace, The Herald Tribune reports. He has a long list of arrests dating back to 2000, records show. 

The clip was shared online and is understood to have been taken at Pop’s Sunset Grill in Nokomis on Friday. A witness told police Schock claimed to have ‘killed n******’ and threatened to kill ‘everyone in the establishment’, Newsweek reports. 

In the footage the man identified Schock is topless with what appears to be a swastika tattoo and his shorts open, exposing himself.

He shouts: ‘I’m a white supremacist. The Aryan nation will rule the world! People covered in tattoos are going to be my closest relatives, I promise you.’

As restaurant staff move to try and calm him down the man shouts: ‘I don’t give a f***, call Donald Trump, please. I’m not going nowhere. I will butt-f*** this bitch on the table right now.

‘If you don’t know Donald Trump, I’m not going nowhere.’ 

As the woman – who works in the restaurant and has been identified as Kisha Biche – approaches him he hits out, striking her across the face. 

Others rush to restrain him as a group of men manage to wrestle him to the ground and hold him until police arrive. 

Eyewitness Declan McIlveney told The Herald Tribune: ‘Me and my buddy ran around the corner. 

‘When he was one the ground he spouted out all the Aryan nation, white power stuff. 

‘Then he started talking about how if anyone was phoning him or taking pictures, they should send it to Donald Trump because Donald Trump would get it him off.’

Pop’s Sunset Grill said in a statement: ‘At approximately, 3 p.m. Friday afternoon, a troubled 36-year-old male entered our premises and immediately began spewing erratic hate dialogue. We made every effort to remove him within minutes after his arrival while simultaneously speaking with 911 dispatch police officers. 

‘Unfortunately, he violently attacked one of our staff. He was immediately subdued and held until the Sheriff arrived.

‘We’d like to thank our community for their unparalleled support and empathy. Pop’s Sunset Grill is grateful of the heroic efforts of our staff, owner and customers that apprehended the individual within seconds of his violent assault of our brave bartender that stood between him and our customers in a protective mode. 

‘She is recovering at home on paid medical leave. In the 20 years of our current ownership this is the first incident of violent assault.’

A GoFundMe set up to help the bartender slapped in the footage has raised more than $4,000 as of Sunday evening. It states that Kisha Biche suffered concussion ‘as a result of a vicious, unprovoked attack’.

Schock is being held in Sarasota County Jail on $620 bond.  

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