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White Florida woman screams racist abuse at two black landscapers outside her Florida home

A white woman has been caught on camera spewing racial epithets at two black landscapers outside her home in Orlando, Florida. 

The incident occurred last Thursday afternoon as the men – who are twin brothers – finished up yard work at the woman’s neighbor’s house in the Delaney Park area. 

A third co-worker heard the commotion and started filming the shocking episode. He later shared the footage to social media, where it has quickly gone viral. 

The video starts with the woman walking up to the two landscapers in an aggressive manner, before they tell her not to touch them. 

‘I ain’t touching you, you f***ing b***h!’ she screams in reply, before repeating the obscenities several more times.  

‘You f***ing n****r b***h!’ the woman then starts bellowing, before the men move back toward their truck. 

‘Have a blessed day,’ one of the brothers replies, despite being subjected to the vile tirade. 

The pleasantry does little to placate the enraged woman, who continues to shout at the top of her lungs. 

A neighbor is then seen appearing on the scene, telling the woman that she is creating a ‘disturbance’. 

‘Are you f***ing with me? ”F***ing kiss my f***ing a**!’ she yells. 

The clips cuts off as the landscapers leave the scene. 

The two-minute long video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram – with the brothers praised for the way they responded to the incident. 

The pair – who have been identified as Antoine and Antonio Harris from A Cut Above The Rest Landscaping –  told The Orlando Sentinel that they are still confused as to what sparked the woman’s torrent of abuse. 

They believe she may have been suffering from mental health issues. 

The duo did not report the incident to police, but say they drove back past the home at the end of the day and saw the woman being taken into custody. Neighbors may have called cops over her behavior. 

The Harris brothers say the racist slurs ‘hurt’, but they decided to ‘turn the other cheek’. 

‘This wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve dealt with [racism], this is the most extreme time that we’ve dealt with it.’ 

The woman has not been identified.  

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