While the rest of the world looks the other way, China sends warships and troops to Taiwan.


While the rest of the world looks the other way, China sends warships and troops to Taiwan.

CHINA has taken advantage of the world’s current focus on Afghanistan to launch a series of ominous military drills near Taiwan, with warships and fighter jets practicing off the island’s southwest and southeast coasts, in a move Beijing claims was prompted by “external interference” and “provocations.”

The revelation came just hours after the editor of a state-run Chinese tabloid warned that if a US Senator’s accusations about the number of US troops on Taiwan were true, China would “immediately” launch a war with the US, in a dramatic illustration of escalating tensions. Taiwan, which Beijing claims as Chinese territory under its One China policy, has complained of recurrent People’s Liberation Army (PLA) drills in its area in recent years as part of a pressure campaign to persuade the island to acknowledge Chinese sovereignty.

The PLA’s Eastern Theatre Command stated in a terse statement that warships, anti-submarine planes, and fighter jets had been despatched close to Taiwan to conduct “joint fire assault and other rehearsals employing actual troops.”

“The nation’s military has a complete grasp and has done a full evaluation of the situation in the Taiwan Strait region, as well as related developments at sea and in the air, and is prepared for various responses,” Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said.

Using its powerful J-16 aircraft, China’s air force conducted a “capturing air supremacy” drill, according to a senior official familiar with Taiwan’s security strategy.

“They have been conducting frequent electronic reconnaissance and electronic interference operations, in addition to attempting air supremacy over Taiwan,” the insider continued.

According to the source, Taiwan believes China, led by President Xi Jinping, is gathering electronic signals from US and Japanese aircraft in order to “paralyze reinforcing aircraft such as F-35s in a war.”

Both the US and Taiwan, according to the PLA statement, have “repeatedly collaborated in provocation and sent significant erroneous signals, severely intruding on China’s sovereignty and seriously damaging peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

“Based on the current security situation across the Taiwan Strait and the necessity to preserve national sovereignty, this drill is a required action,” it continued.

“It is a solemn retaliation to Taiwan’s exterior intervention and provocations.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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