While spending $70,000 on personal protection, a Democrat BLM activist urges, “defund the cops.”


While spending $70,000 on personal protection, a Democrat BLM activist urges, “defund the cops.”

While asking for a decrease in US police funding, DEMOCRAT BLM activist Cori Bush has defended spending $70,000 on personal security.

Cori Bush, a Democratic representative, has been chastised for supporting calls to “defund the cops” while spending thousands of dollars on private protection. In recent days, the Black Lives Matter activist has been questioned after it was discovered that she was spending $70,000 on her private security detail. During a recent interview with CBS host Vladimir Duthiers, Bush was asked to respond to criticism.

“Would they rather I died?” Bush responded with a yes.

“Would you rather I died?

“Is it what you’re looking for?… Do you want to witness my demise?

“You know, that may be the other option.”

“So either I spent $70,000 on private protection over the last few months and am now standing and able to speak,” she continued.

“Capable of preventing the eviction of 11 million people.

“Or I may be the target of a suicide attempt, and we’re talking about the same people who say nasty things about me.

“Who lies to develop a base, and then I get death threats because they lie about me?”

“I’m going to make sure I have protection because, as you know, I’ve had assassination attempts on my life,” the Missouri lawmaker stated.

“And I have far too much job to do, and there are far too many individuals who require assistance right now, for me to allow that.

“So, if I spend $200,000 and $10 more on it, you know what? I get to come here and do the work.

“Suck it up,” says the narrator.

It comes after Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican member of Congress from Georgia, accused Bush of being a “elitist” in a heated Twitter outburst.

Greene wrote, “You don’t care about the people; you only care about yourself.”

“You want to abolish the police force, take away guns from Americans, leaving them defenseless, and promote disorder across the country.

“You will pay inexhaustible sums for personal protection since your safety is plainly more important than the taxpayers who fund your wage and personal security.”


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