While seeing terrible murders, Iran’s new ruler ‘gorged on pastries.’


While seeing terrible murders, Iran’s new ruler ‘gorged on pastries.’

Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s new president, and his henchmen ate pastries while witnessing political murders. The allegations come only days before Hamid Noury, a former executioner, stands trial in Sweden for his alleged role in the slaughter of 30,000 political detainees belonging to the opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization in 1988.

Noury, 60, was a deputy prosecutor in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran, and oversaw executions in numerous jails before he was detained in Sweden in 2019. As a result, he obeyed Raisi’s orders, who was then in charge of Tehran’s “death commission,” which was founded by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to execute political detainees imprisoned in Iranian jails. Survivors described their tragedy last night.

“On August 6, 1988, I was sitting in Gohardasht Prison’s ‘death corridor.’ “I remember Hamid Noury coming and grabbing several of my greatest friends from the MEK, including Qasem Sofiyan, Ali Vasli, and Ali Haghverdi, and taking them to be hanged,” Nassrollah Marandi recounted.

“Their only crime was to support the MEK in its fight for independence. They were never seen by me again. “I also recall Noury bringing a large box of pastries on that afternoon and distributing them around the executioners and authorities participating in the atrocity commemorating the executions.

“The first location he took the pastry box was the chamber where Ebrahim Raisi, a member of the Death Commission, was sitting and pronouncing death sentences,” said Reza Fallahi, a former political prisoner. Those scenes and experiences are indelible in my mind, and they will remain so for the rest of my life.

“While Noury should be imprisoned according to the law, it is more important that the massacre’s masterminds, such as Raisi and Khamenei, be brought to justice as well.” Both men are among 35 survivors who will testify in Stockholm next week.

“Hamid Noury’s participation in the executions consisted of him and others organizing and participating in the executions by, among other things, selecting which prisoners would be brought before a court-like commission (committee) that had a mandate under the.”Brinkwire Summary News,” according to prosecutors.


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