While riding the fairground ride “Kamikaze,” a teen “chokes to death on her vomit.”


While riding the fairground ride “Kamikaze,” a teen “chokes to death on her vomit.”

A TEENAGER was riding a Kamikaze ride at a fairground when she became unconscious and choked on her own vomit.

On Monday, Zeynep Günay, 19, went to Hayrola Luna Park in Istanbul, Turkey, with her family, but disaster struck after she entered the “Kamikaze” ride. After visiting the amusement park with her relatives, the incident occurred between 2 and 3 p.m. local time.

After discovering their relative was in discomfort, the teen’s family claims that ride operators ignored their demands for the ride to be stopped, and that her health worsened as the trip continued.

Her family alleges that the teen’s respiratory tract became obstructed after she vomited on the Kamikaze ride, causing her death.

The teen reportedly passed out and vomited while on the ride before being removed from her seat.

When the ride was finally stopped and Zeynep was taken unconscious, her family claims that the operators advised that she be “slapped two or three times” to help her wake up.

According to the family, the comments occurred after the operators refused to stop the ride despite their protests.

Fatih Günay, the teen’s uncle, stated that the family was compelled to call an ambulance since the amusement park personnel didn’t take the incident seriously enough.

Staff members, he claims, reacted “indiscriminately” to the scenario.

The adolescent, who was wearing a white mask, grey headscarf, and a light jacket with a pattern on it as she sat on the ride waiting for it to start, was captured on CCTV.

The teen was transferred to a nearby private hospital and eventually pronounced dead.

The young woman’s uncle believes her death was caused by the park’s and staff’ incompetence, and that the family will do “whatever it takes” to achieve justice for her.

The ambulance officers intervened after the young girl became ill, according to security footage from the ride, but the young woman was unable to be saved owing to the lateness of the ambulance call, according to her relatives.

Prior to the incident, Zeynep, an aspiring psychologist, was awaiting the results of her exam.

According to Haberler, a Turkish news outlet, it was revealed after her death that she had obtained the requisite results to have access to her. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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