While on the run from prison, a ‘dangerous criminal’ was photographed in bed with his girlfriend.


While on the run, a “dangerous criminal” was photographed in bed with his girlfriend.

Despite being labeled a “dangerous criminal,” Sam Hawkins was held at HMP Sudbury, a low-security prison where he escaped last month.

While on the run from the law, a thief who escaped prison was photographed having breakfast in bed with his girlfriend.

Last month, Sam Hawkins, 34, walked down the A515, towards the Peak District, after escaping from HMP Sudbury in Derbyshire.

Five days after his escape, he was apprehended, but not before allegedly meeting up with his girlfriend Danielle Foster.

He announced his impending marriage to Danielle on Facebook the day before his escape.

Miss Foster changed her Facebook profile picture to show the couple in bed eating toast, despite being labeled a “dangerous criminal” by local police.

“Danielle has four kids and only got with him whilst he was in prison,” a source close to the situation told MailOnline.

“She’s never seen him outside, so this photo has to be recent.”

“Until now, the only photos she’s shared of him are from his prison visits.”

Hawkins was sentenced to 50 years in prison for his role in a London gang in June 2019.

They were known for stealing cash machines from businesses and burglarizing multiple homes.

He’d been serving a nine-and-a-half-year sentence for burglary, theft, and driving offenses for two years.

On October 10, at 10.15 p.m., he and another gang member were caught on camera escaping HMP Sudbury, a low-security prison, before heading to the Peak District.

After word of his escape spread throughout the prison, others attempted to replicate it – and two more succeeded.

Arsonist Adam Curtling, 35, fled, and drug dealer Robert Shannon Smith, 28, who had been let out on a temporary license, never returned.

HMP Sudbury has a capacity of 581 inmates and offers only basic security because offenders have been risk-assessed and, ironically, trusted not to escape.

Day release allows inmates to spend the majority of their day away from the prison for work, education, or other reasons.

“Sam Hawkins and Darren McKay, who were wanted for absconding from Sudbury prison, are no longer being sought by officers,” a Derbyshire Police spokesman told the Brinkwire.

“Hawkins was discovered in London, and McKay in Hertfordshire.

Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word about our appeal.”

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