While attempting to grab the catalytic converter from the car, Dad was crushed to death.


While attempting to grab the catalytic converter from the car, Dad was crushed to death.

An inquest heard how a DAD was crushed to death while attempting to steal a BMW’s catalytic converter.

Daniel Stephens, 25, informed a buddy that he needed the money to go to court for child custody arrangements with a former girlfriend. He intended to buy the catalytic converter for £500 and sell it.

Russell Seldon, the owner of the silver vehicle, discovered the father of three dead in a car park in Porth, south Wales. While getting ready to go for work, Mr Seldon saw a pool of blood on the man’s back.

Daniel’s chest had collapsed under the weight of the gear, according to an inquest held yesterday in neighboring Pontypridd.

According to Wales Online, the medical cause of death was crush asphyxia.

Rachel Knight, the assistant coroner for South Wales Central, declared the death to be accidental. Daniel was “obviously missed by many people,” she said.

Daniel was “down and stressed” the night before he died in August of last year, according to the court.

“He had joked about taking a catalytic converter off a BMW he had seen in Porth,” his friend Aaron Godfrey said in a statement.

“I warned him not to do anything dumb or steal anything because he knew it was worth roughly £500.”

Mr Godfrey said he heard a car leave his property in Ynysybwl, south Wales – where Mr Stephens had also lived since July 2020 – at around 1 a.m. on August 12 and assumed it was his buddy.

When he awoke about 5 a.m., he noticed neither his mate nor the car had returned to the house, so he drove to Porth to see whether he was still there.

When he arrived on High Street, he noticed two people standing near the silver BMW, as well as a person’s legs poking out from beneath the vehicle. When he spotted cops already on the scene, he turned around and drove home.

During the inquest, the statement of the car owner, Mr Seldon, was read aloud. “I walked across the street from my house to my car, which was in the small car park across the street,” he wrote.

“I noticed a pair of dark-colored bottoms and trainers peeking out from under the automobile.

“I yelled out and grabbed the person’s leg to see whether they were still there.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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