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Which chocolate box is best? Foodies share the variety to buy for EVERY person in your life

Food experts have revealed the best chocolate boxes on the market, whether you love caramel, nuts, fruit-filled chocolate, dark or white chocolate.

Consumer organisation Choice pitted Quality Street, Celebrations, Roses and Favourites against one another to find out which delivered for which type of chocolate lover – and the results might surprise you.  

So which deliver best on flavour?

If you love caramel and toffee, Choice recommend you opt for a tub of Quality Street.

‘We found that it has the highest quota of caramel chocolates (28 per cent) and four options to choose from: caramel swirl, chocolate caramel brownie, toffee finger and toffee penny,’ a spokesperson wrote on their website.

Cadbury Roses came a close second with 23 per cent caramel options (classic caramel and caramel deluxe).

While many of the variety box chocolates contained caramel, Choice only counted them when they had either caramel or toffee as the hero ingredients.

If you’re someone who loves nutty chocolates, Choice said you can’t go wrong with a box of Celebrations.

Their testers found this option is 29 per cent full of ‘nutty delights’.

If you intend to buy for someone who doesn’t or can’t eat nuts, they recommend Cadbury Favourites – which only has 11 per cent nut-based chocolates.

Fruit fillings are a divisive option with chocolates.

Which is your favourite chocolate box variety?

Which is your favourite chocolate box variety?

Now share your opinion

But if that is what you love the most, then Choice said you should opt for Nestlé Quality Street – which has 25 per cent fruit cremes.

These include strawberry delights and orange cremes. 

None of the other boxes contain a fruit-goo chocolate.

If you love mint chocolate, then the only box you should rush to get your hands on is Cadbury Roses.

Choice testers found Roses to be the only variety box that had a mint option in peppermint creme crunch. 

However, if you do love mint, you’re probably best opting for something that’s all mint like After Eight chocolates.

Roses only have four peppermint cremes in each box of 43 chocolates.

Know someone who just can’t get enough of white chocolate?

Then you should buy them a box of Favourites or Roses, which both feature seven per cent white chocolates. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Quality Street is the box to pick for dark chocolate fans.

Some 25 per cent of its contents contain a dark-chocolate element.

Roses came in second, with 21 per cent dark chocolate options.

However, it’s worth noting that Favourites are the only box that contain pure dark chocolate in the form of Old Gold. 

Lastly, if you go loco for coconut, Choice say you should pick up a box of Celebrations.

This is 17 per cent coconut-based chocolates.

If you hate coconut, then opt for Roses – which features zero coconut chocolates.

Choice also looked at which chocolate box variety is the best value for your money.

They found Nestlé Quality Street was the cheapest at $2.31 per 100 grams.

The other three were fairly even, with Cadbury Roses costing $3.44/100g, and Mars Celebration and Cadbury Favourite costing $3.75/100g.   

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