Where Kate and Princess Beatrice studied and earned degrees fit for royalty.


Where Kate and Princess Beatrice studied and earned degrees fit for royalty.

Members of the ROYAL FAMILY have attended some of the world’s most elite universities and studied some of the most demanding degree courses.

With the summer holidays over and school and university terms beginning again, this website has looked into the most popular universities attended by the Royal Family, as well as the degree disciplines they studied. EduBirdie experts examined the education of current members of the Royal Family to identify the most popular colleges and degree subjects appropriate for royalty.

The University of Oxford is the most popular university among members of the Royal Families around the world.

Emperor Naruhito of Japan, King Philippe of Belgium, and Sultan Haitham bin Tariq of Oman are among the nine royals who have attended Oxford.

It’s thought that the University of Oxford has been teaching pupils since 1096, so it’s no surprise that it’s the most favored college for royalty.

In the Oxbridge competition, however, the University of Cambridge is superior when it comes to the British Royal Family.

Prince Charles and his brother, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, both studied at the University of Cambridge.

Charles was enrolled to Trinity College, Cambridge, in October 1967, where he studied Archaeology and Anthropology before switching to History.

In 1970, he received a 2:2 Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Cambridge, making him the first British heir apparent to do so.

Prince Edward earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from Jesus College, University of Cambridge, in 1989.

Gakushuin University in Japan has long been a favorite of the Japanese royal family.

The present emperor, as well as four of his offspring, are graduates of the Tokyo campus.

The United Kingdom is a favorite destination for royal students from throughout the world, with many of them having attended British boarding schools in their early years.

Princess Leonor of Spain and Princess Alexia of the Netherlands, for example, are currently studying in Wales in the United Kingdom.

When it comes to academic pursuits, the Royal Family has dabbled in a wide range of topics.

Political science is the most popular subject among royal students, with 15 royal students earning a degree in the discipline.

Monaco’s Sovereign Prince Albert II, Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman, and Luxembourg’s Grand Duke Henri are among the royals.

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