Where Does ‘Agent’ Rank Among The Biggest Canceled Games? Rockstar Games Finally Abandons ‘Agent’—Where Does It Rank Among The Biggest Canceled Games?


Rockstar Games has finally abandoned the development for their ambitious open-word spy game, “Agent.”

“Agent” has been on the Rockstar Games website among its official list of titles ever since it was announced at E3 2007.

According to PCGamer, the game seems to have just vanished from the games list.

Rockstar Games had very high expectations for “Agent” when they announced it as a PS3-exclusive 14 years ago. As previously mentioned, it was billed to be an open-world spy game paying homage to classic spy media, such as the “James Bond” movies.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @CyberBlacks tweeted about the game’s omission from the Rockstar Games website:

Polygon attempted to contact a representative from Rockstar Games to talk about “Agent” being taken down, from which they received the reply “no comment.” This made a bit of sense since Rockstar already abandoned the game’s trademark three years ago.

As such, a lot of the user comments on social media regarding the news were almost always in the vein of “it’s about time.”  

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What Plan Did Rockstar Games Have For ‘Agent?’

There was barely any news about the game even years after its initial announcement. All fans got were several leaked concept art, as well as a few in-game environments, which seemed to portray a dark, gritty world.

An album containing these in-game rendered environments is uploaded on the image hosting site Imgur, if you want to check it out.They look quite amazing for a game that’s supposed to come out for the PS3.

As for the concept art, a Twitter page called @Bully2Info posted a few of them:

But since there was barely anything about this game to begin with. Rockstar Games never even put out a cinematic teaser for “Agent” when it was announced, as it was only mentioned during a presentation with its logo in the background:


As per the presentation, Rockstar Games intended “Agent” to be set during the Cold War. It was supposed to take players into a world filled with high-stakes espionage and counterintelligence, as well as political assassinations.

It’s basically the video game equivalent of a “James Bond” film,. Brinkwire Summary News.


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