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When will quarantine be lifted in France, Spain and Portugal?

FRANCE and Spain are still on the UK government’s quarantine list as new coronavirus infections fail to drop.

However, British holidaymakers can visit Portugal now without having to self-isolate for 14 days after it was removed from the quarantine list last week.

Good news for British holidaymakers – Portugal has been taken off the quarantine list from August 21.

The Iberian country had been placed on the list immediately following the air bridge announcement in July due to a spike in cases in Lisbon.

But Portugal’s infection rate has reduced with just 123 new cases yesterday – meaning Brits can now head for a late summer break with a raft of top holiday and flight deals.

The Portuguese islands of Madeira and the Azores had not been on the advisory list.

Spain is unlikely to be removed from the UK quarantine list any time soon, as cases continue to climb in number.

Spain’s total coronavirus infections of 420,809 has been steadily rising since July, when tourists were welcomed back to the country including Brits.

On August 22, new daily infections hit 6,900 – the highest since March 26.

Most cases in the new outbreak have been discovered in Catalonia and the capital Madrid.

Until infections begin to reduce, the country won’t be removed from the quarantine list.

The travel ban includes the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands as well, who have been enforcing a number of new coronavirus restrictions to slow the spread of the virus.

Public smoking has been banned, along with pool parties, and some beaches and bars now have curfews in place – hotels and bars are closing altogether in some destinations such as Majorca.

France is among the most recent countries to be placed on the quarantine list.

Total cases have hit 244,854 while new daily cases have spiked as high as 4,897 on August 23, the highest since mid-April.

The country was added along with Malta and the Netherlands on August 15, leading to a rush of tourists attempting to return to the UK before it was enforced at 4am.

Discussions for the country being removed from the travel ban list are unlikely to happen any time soon, as cases rise and it still being deemed a risky country.

Brits who need to return home from other countries through France, only if they use the Eurotunnel and drive through France without leaving their car.

France may reciprocate the UK’s quarantine restrictions on Brits in the next few days, forcing arrivals to self-isolate for two weeks.

Croatia and Austria have become the latest places to be added to the quarantine list, after cases rose in the holiday hotspots.

Turkey and Greece remain on the safe list due to their low daily infections per 100,000 population, despite fears they could face quarantine restrictions.

The government is being urged to look at alternatives to the two-week quarantine, such as a five-day model used by Iceland.

Airport coronavirus tests could replace the 14-day quarantines when travelling from ‘red list’ countries, as Heathrow Airport to trial £150 swabs.

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