When will Dominic Cummings’ BBC interview air? What do you think he’ll say?


When will Dominic Cummings’ BBC interview air? What do you think he’ll say?

In an explosive interview with the BBC, DOMINIC Cummings will resume his rant against the Prime Minister. So, when do you think you’ll be able to see it, and what can we expect?

Since Boris Johnson’s fall from favor in November, Dominic Cummings, once Boris Johnson’s most trusted adviser, has hurled a barrage of charges at the Prime Minister. Now, he’s had a one-on-one with Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s political editor, to discuss his account of events during his tenure in Number 10.

On Tuesday, July 20, at 7 p.m., BBC Two will broadcast Dominic Cummings: The Interview.

You can also listen to it on BBC Sounds and see it on BBC iPlayer.

You can also keep up with the interview on this page for live updates and analysis.

We’ve already seen a few bits from the pre-recorded interview, which include some startling assertions.

In essence, he would claim that in dealing with the pandemic, Boris Johnson put politics above of people’s lives.

Mr Cummings will claim that as Covid instances began to rise last autumn, the PM was hesitant to tighten limits because he believed the people dying from it were “essentially all over 80.”

He’ll say something. “I no longer purchase all this NHS overloaded stuff,” Mr Johnson messaged him.

Mr Cummings will claim that Mr Johnson wanted Covid to “wash across the country” rather than ruin the economy.

The testimony will be accompanied by a slew of damaging WhatsApp exchanges.

Mr Johnson appears to have characterized himself as “somewhat rattled by some of the facts on Covid fatalities” in a WhatsApp exchange released with the BBC on October 15.

The prime minister allegedly stated that the “median age” of those who died was between 81 and 82 for men and 85 for women, adding, “That is above life expectancy.” So buy Covid and extend your life.

“Hardly anyone under the age of 60 goes to the hospital… and almost all of them are still alive. And I’m no longer a fan of the NHS’s overburdened products. I believe we may need to re-calibrate, folks… In our country, there are only about 3 million people above the age of 80.”

“It indicates we don’t go for nationwide lockdown,” he allegedly continued.

Mr Johnson intended to keep his weekly face-to-face meetings with the Queen going during the start of the epidemic last year, but he had to warn his employer that she might die if she contracted coronavirus, according to Mr Cummings.

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