When will Boris Johnson, in his struggle with Labour’s Keir, call the next UK general election?


When will Boris Johnson, in his struggle with Labour’s Keir, call the next UK general election?

BORIS JOHNSON may call the next UK general election in the winter in order to hurt Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s chances of winning and give the Conservatives another term in power.

According to reports, Boris Johnson intends to call the next general election in the winter. The election could be held in November or December 2023, according to a cabinet source, in a tactical maneuver to increase the Prime Minister’s prospects of winning. Here’s why the Prime Minister feels a winter election will hurt Labour’s chances.

According to recent estimates, British voters may go to the polls in the winter of 2023.

According to a cabinet insider, the PM has penciled in November or December for the next general election.

Mr Johnson feels that holding an election in the winter will offer him the best opportunity of repeating his election victory in 2019.

The Conservatives won a landslide victory in the last election, securing an overwhelming 80-seat majority.

Labour’s red wall came coming down in the 2019 election.

It’s thought that the scheduling of the 2019 election in December was a crucial role in winning this triumph.

Labour is said to struggle to get canvassers out during election campaigns, and the election being held in the winter may make this much more difficult.

“Labour struggles to get its people out more than we do,” a Cabinet insider said, “which gives us an advantage.”

“And we believe that in the Midlands and the North, people will start to witness the results of the PM’s leveling up plan, with roads being built and houses being built.”

The Prime Minister has yet to confirm the exact date of the 2023 general election.

When asked if a 2023 election was planned, Tory Party Chair Oliver Dowden replied, “The PM has directed me to make sure the Conservative Party machine is ready to go for an election whenever it comes.”

Instead of focusing on the next election, he said the government was “getting on with the task of ensuring that we deliver for the British people.”

The most recent election campaign, which took place in 2019, took place amid an unusually wet season.

Canvassers knocked on doors in the rain and wind on dark, freezing evenings during the campaign.

The weather on Election Day was the wettest on record.

It’s expected that the severe weather may deter Labour canvassers from going out and soliciting donations. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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