When the lockdown ends, Britons identify what they are most looking forward to saying goodbye to – poll


When the lockdown ends, Britons identify what they are most looking forward to saying goodbye to – poll

NEW research indicates what British citizens are most looking forward to saying goodbye to once the lockdown is lifted. Two-thirds of people (67 percent) said they won’t miss government briefings much or at all.

Almost as many will not miss wearing masks (59%) or having to pay more attention to politics or the news (51%) or home-schooling their children (50 percent). However, Ipsos Mori’s study has revealed areas of life that individuals hope to remember fondly when normalcy returns.

People who practice greater hygiene will be missed by two-thirds of respondents (66%) at least a little.

Nearly as many will miss reduced traffic on the roads during rush hour (63 percent) and calm shops and supermarkets (59 percent).

More than half (53%) will miss spending more time with their families, while one-quarter (24%) will not be sad to leave this lockdown behind.

People were more pleased about seeing family in person than over a video call, according to the researchers. Nearly half (47 percent) say they won’t miss being able to communicate with relatives and friends in this way.

Half of people (50%) say they would miss calm tourist sites and public locations, while 42% say they will miss quieter public transportation.

Many employees will miss aspects of how they worked during the lockdown; 44% anticipate to miss being able to work more freely, and four out of ten expect to miss not having to commute.

Almost as many (38%) said they would miss not having to dress up for work, and about a third (36%) said they would miss working from home full time.

The notion of socializing may not excite everyone.

Four out of ten persons (39%) stated they would miss not having to interact with others.

Despite the fact that 44% are happy to see the end of not greeting people with hugs, kisses, or handshakes, four out of ten (38%) will miss it.

“We know there are many things people are looking forward to when the coronavirus limitations finish, including enjoying appropriate face time with friends and family,” said Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos Mori. But we’ve seen that at least some features of lockdown will be missed – partially because of the opportunity to spend.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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