When is the August heat wave expected to arrive? MAPS predicts that key date heat will return to the UK.


When is the August heat wave expected to arrive? MAPS predicts that key date heat will return to the UK.

AUGUST has gotten off to a rocky start in terms of weather, with thunderstorms, torrential rain, and strong winds replacing summer brightness. When is the August heatwave, with talk of a scorching spell this month?

This month, the UK has been slammed by a wave of unseasonably warm weather, with heavy rain, severe thunderstorms, and strong winds hammering the country. With Met Office warnings in effect for today and the weekend, many people may have given up hope that summer will return, but August may surprise them.

Rain and thunderstorm warnings are in effect across the UK today, with slow-moving storms expected to cause problems into the weekend.

Scotland, the West Midlands, the North of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland are expected to be struck by lightning, downpours, and strong winds today.

Grey sky, strong winds, and showers are forecast for the rest of the country, with temperatures in the high teens and low 20sC at best.

However, based on the most recent weather maps and long-term projections, above-average temperatures are expected to return later this month.

Temperatures are expected to be warmer than average from August 16 to August 22, according to Netweather.

“Pressure will be above normal over Scandinavia and central Europe, promoting a greater than average frequency of southerlies over the British Isles,” the forecast says.

“As a result, it will most likely be warmer than average once more.

“Temperatures are likely to be closer to average for the south-west of the United Kingdom once more,” the forecasters say, adding that there is a chance of thunderstorms and showers, with low confidence in the period.

“Hot and sunny weather is most likely earlier in the week as the ridging high pressure continues to transfer north and east through Europe,” the long-range forecast adds, “with more unsettled weather and closer to average temperatures more likely later in the week.” Temperatures are expected to be above average for the August bank holiday, which falls on Monday, August 30.

The Netweather forecast for August 23 to August 31 says: “This period will probably begin unsettled, but with a growing propensity for high pressure to take control towards the end of August.”

“Temperatures are generally predicted to be closer to normal, but possibly becoming warm/hot again late in the period,” the Met Office said.


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