When his owner pretends to bite his ear off, the befuddled dog has a hilarious reaction.


When his owner pretends to bite his ear off, the befuddled dog has a hilarious reaction.

Viewers have been laughing at a video of a man attempting to bite off his dog’s ear.

Oliver the Weimaraner is seen in the video sitting with his owner, appearing to be having a late night cuddle. While the dog sits patiently, the young man snatches his pet’s right ear and pretends to gnaw it, accompanied by a bone crushing sound effect.

The enormous dog, who is ostensibly munching away, appears startled at the prospect of being eaten alive, his eyes bursting out in panic of the unexpected action.

However, the hound quickly realizes that his ear is still intact and that the whole thing was a prank.

Oliver then licks his owner on the cheek to signify that he forgives him for the prank.

The humorous video has been viewed over 65.3 million times and has 5.6 million likes since it was uploaded to social media sharing platform TikTok.

Several others commented on Oliver’s reaction to the ear-eating joke, with one saying, “The dog seems traumatized.”

“I tried this with my Pitt, he didn’t enjoy it,” said another person who tried the same trick.

However, the owner happily taking the entire ear into his mouth creeped off other viewers, with one TikTok user comparing it to someone eating a chicken wing.

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Weimaraner dogs are a huge German dog breed that were developed for hunting in the late 1800s.

They’re recognized for being intelligent, lively, and for their unusual light grey-blue coats, which have earned them the nickname “dog’s gray ghost.”

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