When he becomes king, Prince Charles intends to reduce taxpayer funding to the Royal Family because it is “good for brand.”


When he becomes king, Prince Charles intends to reduce taxpayer funding to the Royal Family because it is “good for brand.”

PRINCE When Charles becomes King, he plans to slash taxpayer-funded royal funding, among other major changes, in what is being termed as a “pragmatic step.” Prince Charles, who became heir apparent when his mother became Queen in 1952, is already the longest-serving successor to the throne. Charles is anticipated to use Buckingham Palace as his headquarters when he becomes royal, as is customary. According to recent sources, Charles will make significant alterations to the living quarters upon his arrival, including possible adjustments to how members of the Royal Family would be paid with public funds.

Molly Mulshine and Christina Garibaldi, hosts of the Royally US podcast, discussed the move.

“It appears that this is the intention, that he’s going to open Buckingham Palace mostly to the public,” Ms Mulshine added.

“According to sources, he will live in a flat above the shop.”

“I think this is fantastic; I believe this is what people would expect from him.”

“The Queen has her own kind of stardust and amazingness that everyone adores,” she continued.

“I think Charles can come in and be a bit more pragmatic, and win people over by saying, ‘We’re not going to spend all your tax money, we’re going to open things up to the public, it’s for you guys and us.'”

“I believe that being a little more equitable will be really beneficial to his brand.”

“I believe so, and I believe he’s also considering turning Balmoral into a museum, and Kate and William will move to Windsor to be closer,” Ms Garibaldi added.

“It appears that he is attempting to streamline the monarchy in order to make it more accessible to the general public.”

Charles’ plans could be in response to criticism the family has received in recent years.

From Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein to Harry and Meghan’s shocking accusations, the royal family has been through a lot and has been under a lot of scrutiny.

His “slimmed down monarchy” would also reduce the number of members paid by the taxpayer-funded Sovereign Grant.

Charles has also been very vocal about the climate crisis, which has made the news today.

In a frank interview with BBC environment editor Justin Rowlatt, the Prince stated that failing to take more ambitious action on climate change will have “catastrophic” consequences.

He is anticipated. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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