When Great-grandfather couldn’t swallow, he was fed pasty in the hospital and died.


When Great-grandfather couldn’t swallow, he was fed pasty in the hospital and died.

Despite a “nil by mouth” order, a GREAT-GRANDFATHER who couldn’t swallow was served a corned beef pasty soon before his death.

Norman Neal, 92, choked after just one bite of corned beef pasty, a reaction that the coroner concluded contributed to his death at his inquest. Staff at the University of North Tees Hospital should never have served the lunch, but they didn’t get a handover that indicated the senior was “nil by mouth.”

Mr Neal’s medical documents went missing, so all staff “assumed” he was able to consume the lunch, according to his inquest yesterday. The great-grandfather of five had also been left without any fluids between 6 and 11 p.m. as a result of the missing notes.

According to doctors, this was “maybe” due to a lack of attention.

Susan Bell, Mr. Neal’s distraught daughter, told the court: “It’s just something that shouldn’t have happened; it’s a safe environment at a hospital.” I work in a hospital, and I don’t want anything like this to happen to anyone else.”

Staff neglected to ask the on-call doctor for more fluids for the patient when they ran out, and they did not place their new paperwork with the previous ones when they were found, according to Clare Bailey, senior coroner for Teesside and Hartlepool.

Teesside Live has the story. Mr Neal died five days after the choking incident, according to the coroner, due to a mistake that contributed to his death.

It’s just something that shouldn’t have happened in such a secure environment as a hospital.

Susan Bell, Norman Neal’s daughter

“My finding is that Norman died of natural causes on the 18th and 19th of July 2017, which were exacerbated by choking episodes,” stated coroner Bailey.

“The last thing I want is for what happened to Norman to happen again.”

Mr Neal’s distraught daughters Barbara Youhana, Susan Bell, and Dianne Minto spoke after the inquiry about their pain.

“Unfortunately, on this ward, he was fed some solid food, resulting in a further choking episode,” their statement continued.

“The family believes this is what caused his clinical state to deteriorate.

“Additionally, the nursing notes pertaining to the choking event went missing and have never been found. Dad passed away four days later, on July 23.

“Despite evidence in his medical papers suggesting the transfer checklist from one.”Brinkwire Summary News”, the family was upset.


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