When did Dylan Flanagan go missing, and who is he?


When did Dylan Flanagan go missing, and who is he?

On October 10, 2021, a MAN from South California vanished near Clear Lake.

Dylan Flanagan was last seen on a kayak at 5 p.m.

On the afternoon of Sunday, October 10, 2021, Dylan Flanagan, 28, was visiting Clear Lake with a buddy.

He went to the lake alone and never came back.

According to Aimee Flanagan, Flanagan was last seen paddling away from the Clearlake Oaks Boat Launch.

Dylan is “not the kind of guy who would leave his friend without saying anything,” according to Aimee.

Sergeant Walter White of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office stated the department received a complaint of Flanagan’s disappearance on the evening of October 10.

Throughout the night, both land deputies and Marine Patrol teams looked for Flanagan.

On October 11, the search continued, and a kayak believed to be Flanagan’s was discovered by the Marine Patrol team.

He is, however, still absent.

Flanagan is 6’1′ and weighs around 170-190 pounds, according to Aimee.

Flanagan has brown hair, brown eyes, and a brown mustache/beard combination, according to a photo she gave.

He was last spotted sporting a tie-dye boardshorts, a navy Hawaiian shirt, black sunglasses, and a straw hat.

Sergeant White urges that anybody with information about Dylan Flanagan’s whereabouts call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Non-Emergency line at (707)263-2690.

Lake County, California is home to Clear Lake.

It is a natural freshwater lake located north of Napa County and San Francisco, with a surface size of 68 square miles.

It is the oldest lake in North America, dating back 2.5 million years.

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