When Covid is combined with the flu outbreak, it puts a double load on the NHS, which is “going to pose genuine problems.”


When Covid is combined with the flu outbreak, it puts a double load on the NHS, which is “going to pose genuine problems.”

INFLUENZA A renowned immunologist has cautioned that this winter, when combined with Covid, might put even more burden on the UK’s health systems.

Professor Adam Finn, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, is concerned that the UK may see a flu outbreak this year. He cautioned that a large-scale flu outbreak would be devastating because the general public lacks immunity due to last winter’s tight coronavirus limitations. Professor Finn’s concerns have been highlighted as the Government prepares to publish its plans for this year’s flu vaccine program later today.

“The truth is, we have influenza epidemics every Winter with one exception, and that was last Winter,” Professor Finn told Sky News.

“The limits in place before and after the second wave were sufficient to prevent the spread of influenza.

“As a result, we are concerned that we will see a significantly larger influenza outbreak this year simply because the immunity that the previous epidemic would have developed is no longer present.

“So, if you get a huge flu outbreak and another wave of Covid, that doubles the pressure on the health-care system.”

“In some ways, flu is a more serious sickness than Covid,” he continued.

“Absolutely in children.

“And when it’s paired with Covid, it’s going to be a nightmare.”

After the regulations are lifted on July 19, the health expert told Sky News that he will likely “continue to utilize a mask eternally.”

Professor Finn told Sky News that he would “continue to use a mask eternally,” especially if he developed symptoms, “in order to safeguard other people, particularly in enclosed spaces and so on.”

“I believe what we’re hearing and seeing here is a shift in rhetoric, partly due to the continued rise in the number of cases, which is a balancing act we’re currently engaged in, and partly due to the fact that it appears clear that a sizable portion of the public is very concerned about the relaxation.

“It’s not as if everyone is jumping for joy and shouting, ‘Thank goodness it’s all done,’ and people are realizing that it isn’t finished yet and that things are still extremely hazardous out there.

“I believe there has been a political shift.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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